A room in a sunny place 638

Once again I felt that Nogizaka is the best after all! I always feel how lovely the members are, but the moment we cling together and unite, I feel the members bonds, values and greatness even more.

A room in a sunny place 637

When I cried, worrying about combining high school and idol activities, you embraced me calmly while talking to me… I will never forget that warmth. 

Real Sound December 2018 – Hinachima Showroom Review

“It seemed that I could show my true self in front of Kazumin… I am by no means someone that shows her ‘true self’ in front of most members, but during the Sailor Moon stage performances, I felt comfortable while being with Kazumin, and I have become loving her even more”

A room in a sunny place 635

Cute, dignified, cool, brave, powerful yet fragile… The fascinating Wakatsuki who has countless characteristics, I love her.