A relaxing day off with Higuchi Hina.

" Because I make very quick decisions, people have told me I live by intuition."

A relaxing day off with Higuchi Hina.

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Higuchi Hina, who graduated from Nogizaka46 last autumn, appears in the FINEBOYS February issue that is now for sale! She was able to wear two casual clothing styles that she wasn’t able to wear a lot during her time as an idol. Besides some shots that aren’t included in the magazine, we also focus on her fashion obsessions and some inside stories about the drama “Kariage-Kun” that is currently being broadcast!

You said the FINEBOYS photoshoot was your first magazine shoot since your graduation, so how do you feel about today?

The costumes happened to be my favorite style so I was very excited! I enjoyed the freshness and the casual feel of them. ♪

Are you particular about your everyday fashion?

I make sure it’s easy to walk in! I love walking, and I walk about 2 hours on a usual day, so I am particular about shoes that do not tire my feet even if I walk a lot, and about clothing I can easily move in.

2 hours is amazing! Does that mean your clothing has a boyish feel?

I am aware of keeping it feminine, instead of looking completely boyish. For example, if I wear a boyish top such as a hoodie, I match it with a cute looking skirt underneath!

What kind of men’s clothes do you think are cool?

I love monotone fashion! I also like slender silhouettes that show of ones style. Instead of something loose fitting for both top and bottom, I rather see it balanced with slim pants.

So, a balanced silhouette. Are there any other items that you would be interested in if boys were wearing them?

It’s not truly clothing, but I am very curious about berets……! I wonder why, but it makes me want to hold a coffee in my hand (laughs).

Can you tell us about an unexpected side of you?

I don’t know if it’s unexpected, but I am quick to decide on things. I don’t have to think long when choosing from a menu in a restaurant, or when I buy clothes for example. Because I make very quick decisions, people have told me I live by intuition (laughs).

That is surprising because you give a laid back impression! Now, I would like to ask you about the drama “Kariage-kun” that is currently being broadcast. What kind of role do you play?

I play the role of Kiyosui Hana, who is unique to this drama, and she is a girl with a modern day feeling. Kariage-kun does a lot of pranks and therefore she gets angry when she sees that, but I also think I show the feelings of “envy” that are inside of her. She clearly conveys her intentions and she’s careful not to do things she shouldn’t…… Kariage-kun is able to do things she isn’t able to do, that’s why I sympatized with Hana’s feelings of admiration of those who can.

How was the atmosphere on the set?

Everyone from the cast and the staff are very friendly, and I am able to perform in a warm atmosphere with people who liven up the set. I think it’s the perfect setting for “Kariage-kun”. Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, I am talking with everyone and taking offshots with the other cast members, but before I knew it, I had taken hundreds of them (laughs).

You are very close aren’t you! Lastly, please tell the readers why it’s worth watching!

It’s a production that has been loved for many years, but I think it’s especially perfect for today’s world because of the “let’s live together in harmony” feel! I think it’s a great way to release your daily stress, so I’d be happy if you could relax and just laugh without thinking about anything else!