A room in a sunny place 588

I got on the Pirates of the Caribbean many times, and I made a reservation for the Blue Bayou Restaurant and ate dinner. ♡ My mother said she hadn’t been there for 10 years, and she missed it. ^ – ^ I was happy she was so delighted!

A room in a sunny place 587

Wow! It looked like it was snowing outside… it felt as if winter had arrived once again.
I hope no one caught a cold. My health is poor since the Under Live shows ended… but I finally recovered completely! It took long… from now, I will be more careful about my physical condition.

To everyone (*^▽^*)

By the time the stage performance starts, I will be 20 years old.
I wonder what kind of person I will be… I cannot image yet, but from this time forward, I want to devote myself and give my all in order to stand on the stage with confidence in my heart.

A room in a sunny place 586

When I was little, I really looked forward to Christmas and receiving presents… I was thrilled months in advance. ( ´ ▽ ` ) lol
When I look at how the streets look during Christmas, even now I get excited. ☆

A room in a sunny place 585

Included in the merchandise of these Dome live shows is the “N46MODE vol.0 Nogizaka46 Tokyo Dome Performance Memorial Official SPECIAL BOOK”, but there were a lot of fans at the handshake event that told me “I’ve already seen it!” or “I’ve read it!” ♪

A room in a sunny place 584

Lately, the jobs I do alone have increased. In order to work with the staff at each job again, I will do my best ~ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I once again began to feel that.
Jobs with a group, individual jobs, each one is very important to me, and I want to do it every day. ☆