Real Sound August 2018 – Hinachima SHOWROOM review

The members of Nogizaka46 do a daily live broadcast of the “Nogiobi” show on the broadcasting service “SHOWROOM”, every week from Monday to Friday. On the broadcast of 15th August, 1st gen member Higuchi Hina made her appearance.

A little room on the prairie 622

The sunflower is the flower I love the most. Because they make me cheerful, energetic and make me smile, I can watch them all the time. ♪

A little room on the prairie 621

The other day I had a day off, so I went to my grandparents house in Nagano with the bullet train! My grandfather made me cocktails! Princess Mary and Tequila Sunrise.

A little room on the prairie 620

At the night market, I bought a lot of things such as a bag with bright colors, a dressing gown… and a belt. ♡ There were lots of cute things. *