A room in a sunny place 598

She is always caring… she is always saying words of encouragement… she never fails to come and see a stage performance… times when I love you so much I want to embrace you. When I feel down, or when I felt uneasy, Ikomachan’s words helped me a lot.

A room in a sunny place 597

I love herring roe. =(^.^)= In January, we eat Osechi Ryori, but they are hard to find as soon as the holidays are over… but I want to eat them all the time! Therefore, I was glad I could get herring roe as much as I want!!! (lol) I will eat them without adding salt. ♪

A room in a sunny place 596

Good evening. ~( ^ω^ ) Today is the individual handshake event for the Under album in Yokohama!
Right now I am having a break. ♪ I am happy many people came although it’s cold! Thank you everyone!

A room in a sunny place 595

The first thing I did after waking up was opening the curtain with a cheerful “woosh!!”! (lol) While the sunlight entered the room and I stretched myself, I felt good. ☆
Because I had some time today, I walked to the next station without riding the train. In the winter, the typical clear blue sky surely is beautiful.~*

A room in a sunny place 594

I entered Nogizaka46 when I was 13 years old, 7 years ago. Both 2nd and 3rd gen members participated, and we welcomed our coming of age… I am so happy and feel deeply moved.
The future aims for Nogizaka46… in order to clear our goals one by one, everyone will cooperate and work hard again!!

A room in a sunny place 593

This year has been very busy.
The Doraemon stage play, being an Under center, an individual tv show, commercials, replacing Senbatsu members on many tv performances… I had a lot of experiences to be grateful for. (^-^)
I had various things to think about this year, such as the plenty of individual jobs, the place I am currently aiming for, how to contribute to Nogizaka46 and the things I should do…