A room in a sunny place 609

I am on the jacket cover of the regular edition,
and my bonus footage is op Type-A!
I wasn’t able to see my bonus footage yet…
I want to see it soon!!!

A room in a sunny place 608

You know, recently, I make a smoothie for breakfast and drink it. *
I have deep freezed banana, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple and mango,
and I pick the fruits I feel like that day. (^.^)

To everyone (≧∇≦)

It has been decided that I will be working as an exclusive model for Kobunsha’s women’s fashion magazine “JJ”!

A room in a sunny place 607

When seeing everyone’s various facial expressions, I started to cry spontaneously.
But it weren’t tears of sadness, I don’t understand it well even myself but…
somehow it were tears of warmth…

A room in a sunny place 606

I started playing guitar in January, and I will continue to do so. ♪
My guitar has a deep wine red color.
It is a guitar intended for beginners, but I loved it at first sight. ☆