I like people who don’t make me nervous

" I admire someone who can protect the dignity of others, regardless of their position."

I like people who don’t make me nervous

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In October of last year, Higuchi Hina graduated from Nogizaka46 after being active for 11 years. After her graduation, she performed in various dramas such as “Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!” (TBS), “Azatoi Type A to Z” (A spinoff of “Azatokute Nani ga Waruino”)  (Asahi TV), and “Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku” (Asahi TV), and has shown remarkable success as an actress.

We talked about her feelings towards the members after her graduation and her desire to become an actress. And we asked her about her feelings towards love and her thoughts looking back on the ABEMA original program “Hanataba to Ookami-chan ni wa Damasarenai” (A Japanese dating show, Ookami hereafter)

If I would be the wolf, I could become cold towards the people I love very quickly

Because of the “Liar wolf” who pretended to be in love, the romantic relationships of the participants are becoming complicated at the moment, but what are your thoughts after having watched up to episode 10?

I thought it was very sad. I tried imagining what I would do if I was the wolf, but it must be the most difficult position… Really having feelings for him, but having to fulfill the mission. It hurts just thinking about it. However, there were also some scenes that made my heart skip a beat, and I was relieved that everyone seemed to be having so much fun that they forgot that the wolf was there. I felt envious of such pure love.

Were there any participants that particularly impressed you?

Ryutaro-kun (Ryotaro Imai) is too cute isn’t he? He can talk normally with other girls, but he is shy when it comes to the girl he likes. I really like him because he changed his attitude in a good way. Even though there are other girls around, it was impressive how he can take action for the girl he likes.

So, what if you were to play the wolf?

That would be difficult… Because I also have played the Werewolf game, and I would become confused along the way (laughs). I don’t know too much, so I would move on instinct. I might come to my senses halfway and suddenly become cold to the person I love. There’s also a possibility of feeling apologetic. It feels like I could show all of those things.

Are there any members that you think are suspicious at the moment?

Chise-chan and Mizuki-chan. They have an apologetic aura and if it were me, I’d be suspicious of the two of them. I always get the impression that they only speak with vague words. I wonder if they intentionally avoid choosing words that could hurt the others, and try to protect their feelings.

Because the wolf would often refrain from using definitive words that could become a decisive blow, right?

Exactly. But it’s also possible to target one person, right?


Waah, it’s scary when I think about it. If that’s the case, I definitely don’t want it to be Kureha-chan (Nakagawa Kureha). Ryutaro-kun and she have such a good atmosphere. In that case, I hope for Chise-chan or Mizuki-chan, who only give vague answers… It seems like no one has been hurt so far, right?

Were there any participants who were similar to you?

I think Nagisa-chan (Saito Nagisa). Because I am the facial reaction type (laughs). I think Nagisa-chan has a quick and responsive type of reaction, so I feel like we are similar in that sense.

It’s possible that it’s all just appearance, isn’t it?

If so, her acting skills are amazing (laughs)! I would be at a complete loss.

“I admire someone who can protect the dignity of others, regardless of their position”

Please tell us about your view of love. First, what kind of partner would you like to have?

I like people who don’t make me nervous. It’s not just about not making me anxious in romantic relationships, but also about being someone who follows the rules properly. For example, someone who fastens their seatbelt in a taxi without being told to do so, or someone who can do basic things that are expected. Additionally, I appreciate someone who doesn’t hurt anyone’s pride. I admire someone who can protect the dignity of others, regardless of their position.

That’s great! If you were to date someone like that, what would be your ideal relationship?

It would be a relationship that would be completely safe. With someone who enables me to do my best at work because I have a good partner. It would prepare a place for me to come home to, while being active in the field as well. I don’t want to think about being unfaithful to either place… In that regard, someone like Mateus-kun might be more fitting. He’s not only words, but also action.

There aren’t many people out there who are so sincere, are there?

Exactly! He would be ideal.

Among the members of Nogizaka46, she is the type who “follows her own path” and has a career that is different from others after graduation.

Miss Higuchi, you have also been active as an actress in, among others,  “Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!” and “Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku.” Do you have a preparation routine for your roles?

Just recently, I’ve hit a wall. When a role is close to myself, I find it difficult. Even when I am going to the location, I don’t know how to find that switch.

Roles close to yourself?

Especially Sawamura Arisa who I play in “Tsukuyomi-kun no Kindan Oyashoku” has many overlapping aspects. She’s younger than I am now, but I felt the same when I was 21 years old. I can empathize with the way she interacts with seniors and her approach to situations. Nori-chan (Yahata Noriko) from “Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!” is someone I struggled with in the beginning as well. As I am acting, I feel like I am slowly grasping it.

When it comes to a character that feels close to oneself, I think it can be difficult to separate the character from oneself, but how did you understand the character?

I have my manager film me while I’m acting, and then I review that footage. I also make sure to coordinate with the director.

Are there any roles you would like to try in the future?

Since both Arisa-chan and Nori-chan have many similarities, I would like to challenge myself with a completely opposite character at some point.

What kind of character would that be?

Someone really dark or gloomy. So that I can go totally overboard (laughs). In both professional and private settings I’m the same, so I am longing to play a mysterious girl. I also want to try playing characters with a psychopathic side or otherwise scary character.

The original members of Nogizaka46 are also active in various fields such as acting, but are there any members who inspire you in particular?

I wonder… I was in the group for 11 years, but even back then I haven’t really compared myself with the others. I think everyone is working hard, but it’s not like I think I should do the same. Instead, seeing everyone excelling in their respective fields, it makes me feel like I should excel in a different place.

You are the type who pushes her own way, arent you?

I am. I want to find a way that not many others have gone.

Lastly, please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future.

Acting wise, I want to challenge many various things. Other than that, variety shows as well. During my time in the group, there were moments when I felt uncomfortable with them, but as graduation approached, I started to appreciate the fun they offer. Having a place to perform and also having a place where I don’t have to perform is something I’m really grateful for in my current circumstance.

I think your personality goes well with variety shows.

However, in variety shows, my true self tends to come out, so my mom often scolds me saying, “Say something more witty!” (laughs). Even if I try to be cool, when we have a whole day of shooting, my true self inevitably shows up… Now, I’ve reached a point where I’ve settled into just being myself without thinking too much. So, in acting, I want to show a different side of myself, while in variety shows, I want to show plenty of my real self.