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A room in a sunny place 561

To be honest, I wanted to have a unit song also, and I was sad.
But for that, I don’t have the personality and characteristics to begin with…so I thought.
I still have some way to go to reach that level and in order to have a unit song, I once more felt the tension to give my all.
But still…it was painful. _| ̄|○


A room in a sunny place 557

Starting with this event, (∗ ˃◡˂∗)
I watched a Star Wars movie for the first time, but… I am really really fascinated and addicted to the world of Star Wars. (^ ^)
This American movie was released in 1977… 40 years ago?
To create such an epic movie around that time…it’s amazing, isn’t it. :+((*´艸`))+:。