A room in a sunny place 605

I love crab, so I am very happy. ♡ (lol)
I wonder if I made too much noise during the broadcast, since I was constantly clicking the blades…
I’m sorry! (lol) I love them. (o^^o)

A room in a sunny place 604

It’s strawberry season now, right? *
They provided a lot of strawberries at the scene,
and I was happy I could eat a lot of them. (o^^o)
I have to eat them to my heart’s content before the season is over! (lol)

A room in a sunny place 603

Always worrying about me… always protecting me… each of Ikoma-chans words have been a support for me. (o^^o) She always came to see the stage plays, and rooted for me… I love you!

A room in a sunny place 602

This time…. I want to treasure the time I spend together with all Nogizaka members while creating a fantastic 20th single with everyone.

A room in a sunny place 601

Today is the first performance of “Koisuru ♡ Vampire”! I am nervous! My heart is beating!
In the blink of an eye the performances have arrived. I will make the most of each performance… I want to continue to enjoy the world of “Koisuru ♡ Vampire”. \(^-^)/

A room in a sunny place 600

Hello! It’s been a while since I blogged. It is already March. Time goes by fast… The stage performance is also coming near, and I am impatient and anxious, but I am enjoying every day as I am working hard during practice. I want to spend each day with great care!