Street Jack “Hello me” with Higuchi Hina

In this popular series, where we make a trip through time with the top Japanese beauties of Nogizaka46 to meet their younger selves, Higuchi Hina makes her entry! As the youngest of three sisters, how did she spend her childhood…?

A little room on the prairie 574

Yesterday I had a day off since a while. ☆
In the morning, I left the house, and I drove to Hachioji with my mother and sister. ♪

A little room on the prairie 573

When I ate Fettuccine Gummi for the first time,
the food texture surprised me, and inside me a gummi revolution occurred! lol
It’s my favorite gummi ever since.

A little room on the prairie 571

On handshake events and such, I am often asked by fans “when we call you during the live show, how should we call you?”…
“Hinachii” please. ♡
“Hinachima” has four characters, which makes it hard to call and match the rhythm. (T . T) lol
Sorry. (T . T)

A little room on the prairie 569

Because I want to get healed naturally…
and I want to eat delicious things. ♡
I want to see fantastic sceneries. ♡
I only have big dreams. (#^.^#) hihihi