A room in a sunny place 583

It was a period where I once again felt the members’ bond. I was glad all members were on the stage at the end. It was a relief. Somehow… my tears overflowed as if a tightened string around my chest became loose. ( ;∀;)

A room in a sunny place 582

I often get asked by fans “how do you want us to call you during the live shows?”, so please make it “Hinachii”. ♪
The color of the glowsticks are purple and orange. (*’ω’*)
When I see towels, fans etc. with my name written on it, and glowsticks with my colors from the stage, I am very happy.

A room in a sunny place 581

When she announced graduation I felt very lonely, but…
When I see Marika express her conviction to do the things she wants to do,
I want to support her all the way!
During her few remaining activities, I want to make a lot of memories. ♡