A room in a sunny place 580

I feel very encouraged and always supported…
Everyone saying “do your best!”…
Everyone that wrote me, thank you very much.
It cheered me up. (o^^o)

A room in a sunny place 579

The other day, the 19th single under song “My Rule” was first broadcasted on NACK5 “Nutty Radio Show THE Tamashii.
I will do my best as the center!

BOMB! October Interview with Higuchi Hina

When I listen to the older members, I hear them say “It’s okay not to think about things such as wanting to become an adult quickly”. But I want my Birthday to come quick. I want to challenge adult-like clothing by doing gravure, and I want to show a more adult facial expression and charm.

A room in a sunny place 578

Because I arrived in the middle of the night, I had little sleep…
I went out of bed at 6am, talked with my grandmother, sat on the bench in the garden, gazed at the fields and the mountains, and felt at ease. ♪

A room in a sunny place 577

Because I am the youngest child, I longed to become an older sister.
I like to think of Momoko as my younger sister.
I am pampering her to the fullest. ♡ lol

A room in a sunny place 576

I substituted for senbatsu members a lot of times on events and television programs…
Because I felt the need for the person I am today…I was really happy.
I recklessly ran through it, and I have no regrets.
It was an enjoyable summer.

A little room on the prairie 575

I participated both the first day and the last day. *
This summer began at Yume Tairiku…
It felt like the curtain closed at Yume Tairiku also.