A room in a sunny place 592

This time, as a center for the 19th single, I was very eager to “work hard and pull these Under live shows”, so there were times that it was quite a lot. It was a different sense of responsibility than when I was the 15th single Under center. Various feelings…

A room in a sunny place 591

Yesterday evening, we went to a Yakiniku restaurant.
I love tongue and offal. ♡ Yakiniku, it has been a while… it was delicious.

A room in a sunny place 590

Because I had some time left until work, I bought a book. It’s “Rubin no tsubo ga wareta” by Yadono Kahoru.
I am looking forward to reading it during travelling and free time. (*^▽^*)
Every spare moment, I am studying or reading… I also want to see a movie! There are a lot of things I want to do.

BUBKA January 2018 – Interview with Higuchi Hina and Ito Karin

Through glamorous stage activities, the Senbatsu members of Nogizaka46 seem to be shining the most in today’s Idol world. However, we must not forget about the Under members who, while belonging to the same group, are standing silently on the stage while holding various conflicts and who can be easily overlooked.

A room in a sunny place 589

For our 18th* single “Influencer”, we were nominated for the Music Excellence Award. I am very happy… and filled with emotion that we were able to perform this song that holds good memories at this fantastic place.