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7th January 2018
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こんばんは*みなさ~ん1日お疲れ様です♪ 東京は今日も朝から良いお天気でした(o^^o)

Good evening. * Everyone, thank you for today. ♪ The weather has been good today in Tokyo since morning. (o^^o)

起きて1番にすることは、カーテンを「シャー‼︎」と軽快に開けること!笑 部屋に入る朝日を浴びながら背伸びすると気持ちが良いよ☆

The first thing I did after waking up was opening the curtain with a cheerful “woosh!!”! (lol) While the sunlight entered the room and I stretched myself, I felt good. ☆


Because I had some time today, I walked to the next station without riding the train. In the winter, the typical clear blue sky surely is beautiful.~*


Yesterday was the national handshake event in Osaka. Everyone that came while it was cold, thank you very much!

かりんと一緒のレーン☆ 来て下さった方に言われて気づいたけれど、Eテレコンビだ!笑

I was in a lane together with Karin. ☆ As I was made aware by the people that came, we are the Educational TV combi! (lol)


The thing I am holding in my hand is a souvenir I received from Karin. ♡


I was happy that many people came.


To all Karin fans, thank you for your kindness. ♪

ひなちまふぁみりーさん、会いに来てくれてありがとうございます!初めましての方も、すご~くお久しぶりの方も、いつも来てくれる方も… 皆さんに直接新年のご挨拶ができて良かった^^

Fans of me, thank you for coming to meet me! Those who came for the first time, those who came after a while and those who always come… I was glad I could wish you a happy new year directly. ^^


I talked a lot about things as the Under live shows, the year 2017 and the coming of age ceremony. I was happy because of the praise for the furisode I wore at the Nogi Shrine. ♡


For work I wore a red furisode, and at Nogi Shrine a black furisode.

乃木坂で沢山の方にお祝いして頂けたので、ひなはもう満足です(*´︶`*) 何て幸せ者なのでしょうか♡ ありがとうございます!

Because I celebrated with many people from Nogizaka, I was already satisfied. (*´︶`*) Aren’t I a lucky person? ♡ Thank you!

明日は中高の同窓会だけ参加させて貰うので、申し訳ありませんが、握手会は途中までの参加になってしまうと思われます(>_<) 時間ギリギリまでは皆さんとお会いできたら嬉しいです!待っていますね。

I am sorry, but because I will participate in a middle and high school alumni reunion tomorrow, I think I can only be at the handshake event until halfway. (>_<) I am glad when I can meet you all up to the last minute! I’ll be waiting.


Tomorrow I share a lane with Ikoma-chan.

可愛いももこも写っているけれど♡笑 大好きな生駒ちゃん一緒です!嬉しい!

Though the picture was taken with cute Momoko also. ♡ (lol) Together with Ikoma-chan who I love! I am happy!

生駒ちゃんファンの皆さん、宜しくお願いします♪ もし、ひなと話すことわからないという方は… 生駒ちゃん愛を一緒に語りましょう!♡

All of Ikoma’s fans, please treat me well. ♪ If thre are people that don’t know what to talk about with me… Let’s talk about our love for Ikoma-chan! ♡

そしてそして、明日のミニライブは、センターをやらせて頂いているアンダー曲、「My rule」のパフォーマンスもあります*

And also, as for tomorrow’s mini live show, there will be a performance of the Under song “My rule” of which I am center.


I look forward to it. ~☆


Everyone, please be careful on your way!

ふぁみりーさんへ☆ お知らせたくさんです(*≧∀≦*)

To my fans. ☆ There are a lot of announcements. (*≧∀≦*)

– 1月7日(日)先程放送されました!ラジオ「乃木のの」新MCに就任して頂きました*ラジオ大好きなので、嬉しい!頑張ります!
– 1月8日(土)18:30~配信 Abema TV「もう1つの乃木坂アンダースーパーベスト」
– 1月12日(金)0:15~ テレビ朝日さん「ぱりぴTV」らんぜとみり愛とです。
– 1月15日(月)発売「月刊ソングス」
– 1月17日(水)発売「TVガイド」

– 7th January (Sunday) Broadcasted earlier today! Radio “Nogi no No”. I was inaugurated as the new MC. * Because I love radio, I am happy! I will work hard!
– 8th January (Monday) 18:30 transmission Abema TV “Once more Nogizaka Under Super Best”
– 12th January (Friday) 0:15 TV Asahi “Paripi TV” with Ranze and Miria.
– 15th January (Monday) release “Monthly Songs”
– 17th January (Wednesday) release “TV Guide”

– 毎週水曜日21:30~NHK Eテレ
NHK Eテレ 毎週水曜日AM11:30~
NHK 総合 毎週水曜日、AM10:15~

– Every week on Wednesday 21:30 ~ “Syumi doki! Kantan! Gokujou! Healthy! Watashi ni Gohoubi Soup” on NHK Educational TV.
Thank you in advance. ♡ By the way, for those who can’t see the real time broadcast, the rebroadcasts are:
NHK Educational TV – Every week on Wednesday 11:30 AM
NHK General TV – Every week on Wednesday 10:15 AM and on Thursday 10:15 AM.
Please be sure to watch it. ♡

– 2018年1月10日発売のアンダーアルバム、「僕だけの君~Under Super Best~」個別握手会が開催されます!
– 2018年1月14日(日):神奈川・パシフィコ横浜1~5部です☆
– 2018年2月17日(土):ポートメッセなごや1~5部です☆
– 2018年3月25日(日):京都国際会館
-【舞台版ドラえもん「のび太とアニマル惑星」】DVD 12月15日予約開始。1月13日発売です!!!
-ミュージカル「恋するヴァンパイア」オフィシャルサイトです♡ https://t.co/iVMMq20wca
– 2018年1月15日(月)発売「EX大衆」ももこ、たまみとです。

– 10th January release of Under album “Boku dake no Kimi ~Under Super Best~”
There will be individual handshake events!
– 14th January 2018 (Sunday): Kanagawa – Pacifico Yokohama, 1st to 5th round.☆
– 17th February 2018 (Saturday): Port Messe Nagoya, 1st to 5th round.☆
– 25th May 2018 (Sunday): Kyoto – Kyoto International Conference Center
⚠︎ Because I have a theater performance that day, I will only participate on the 5th round!
– The Doraemon “Nobita and the Animal Planet” stage play DVD pre-ordering starts on 15th December. It will be released on 13th January!!!
– The official website of themusical “Koisuru Vampire. ♡ https://t.co/iVMMq20wca
– 15th January 2018 (Monday) release of EX Taishu, with Momoko and Tamami.


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I hope that this will be a wonderful year for you…*


I wish you all a happy day tomorrow. (o^^o)