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5th January 2018
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Good evening.* Happy new year!


2018年~( ´ ▽ ` )

It’s 2018 ~( ´ ▽ ` )

年末年始は、紅白歌合戦、CDTVに出演させて頂きました♪ 年始から、充実したスタートを切ることができて、嬉しかった☆

During the year transition, we had the pleasure of performing on Kouhaku Uta Gassen and CDTV. ♪ I am happy I could start the year so productive. ☆

2018年、戌年にかけて… ワンランク上の忙しさ、充実した1年にしたいです!!頑張ります!

2018 is the year of the dog… I want it to be a more busy and fulfilling year!! I will give my all!


We took these pictures backstage during Kouhaku Uta Gassen…


↑何だか懐かしい構図… 実はね2017年7月21日の567回目ブログで、夢大陸の時に逃げ水センターだった2人と楽屋で同じように撮っていたの!笑

↑ Somehow it’s a nostalgic composition… actually, in my blog 567 on 21st July 2017, I took the same kind of picture backstage during Yume Tairiku with the two centers of Nigemizu! lol

ぜひ!567回目のブログで、与田ちゃんと桃子と撮った写真見てみてください!3人で「あれ!?何か懐かしい!」ってはしゃぎながら撮りました♡ 当時よりも、ぐっと2人との距離も縮まってファミリー感たっぷり(* ˘ ³˘)

Please! Be sure to watch the picture I took with Yoda-chan and Momoko on blog 567! The three of us took the picture in high spirits saying “Ah!? How nostalgic!” ♡ Since that time, we became much closer and it feels a lot like family. (* ˘ ³˘)


1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen… I want to continue to deepen our bonds.


And today we celebrated coming-of-age at Nogi shrine!!! Six of us of the same age.


13歳から乃木坂46に入って、7年目。2期生も3期生も加わって、こうしてみんなで成人を迎えられたこと… すごく幸せですし、感慨深いです。

I entered Nogizaka46 when I was 13 years old, 7 years ago. Both 2nd and 3rd gen members participated, and we welcomed our coming of age… I am so happy and feel deeply moved.

これからの乃木坂46が目指す場所… 目標を一つ一つクリアしていかれる様に、

The future aims for Nogizaka46… in order to clear our goals one by one, everyone will cooperate and work hard again!!


I wore a furisode with a vivid and large pattern on black cloth.


一番のお気に入りは衿。市松模様… お世話になっているスーパーフォーミュラからチェッカー柄も意識(o^^o)

The thing I love the most is the collar. Checkerboard pattern… which also made me conscious of Super Formula to which I am indebted. (o^^o)


For receiving a wonderfully prepared furisode, I am happy. There were plenty of pictures taken. ♡


And also my wish was…



“I hope to become a fine woman that can contribute to Nogizaka46”.


In this years spring, I will perform in a musical for the first time. From now on I want to focus and make an effort with all my might.

成人を迎え、これからは… 個人の実力をつけ、お仕事をもっともっと充実させ、乃木坂46に沢山貢献できる魅力溢れる、素敵な女性になれるよう努めます!

After welcoming my coming of age… I will try to become a fine woman full of charm and strengthen my own abilities, have more enriching jobs, and become able to contribute a lot to Nogizaka46!

20歳になるのは1月31日なので、お酒はまだですが…(*・ω・)ノ 嗜めるくらいにはなりたいです(*´艸`)

Because I will turn 20 on 31st January, I can’t drink alcohol yet… (*・ω・)ノ but I want to become interested in it. (*´艸`)


Everyone, please continue to support me!


Tomorrow is the 18th single national handshake event in Osaka! I share a lane with Karin-chan. ☆

かりんファンのみなさん、宜しくお願いしますm(._.)m もし、「日奈と話すことわからないよ~」って方いらっしゃいましたら、アンダーライブのこと、成人式のこと… ひなから見るかりんちゃんのこと♡ など沢山お話しまょう!

Karin fans, please treat me well. m(._.)m If there are people that think “I don’t know what to talk about with Hina”, let’s talk lots about things such as the Under album, coming of age, or what I think of Karin-chan! ♡


Hinachima fans, I’m looking forward to it. ♡


Please be careful everyone. (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)


To my fans. ☆

– 今夜から!1月5日(金)~1月12日(金) 毎週金曜日、0:15~テレビ朝日さん「ぱりぴTV」らんぜとみり愛と!
– 1月7日ラジオ「乃木のの」らんぜとみり愛と!

– Starting tonight! 5th January (Friday) – 12th January (Friday) every Friday at 0:15 on Asahi TV “ParipiTV”, with Ranze and Miria!
– 7th January radio “Nogi no No” with Ranze and Miria!

– 毎週水曜日21:30~NHK Eテレ「趣味どきっ!簡単!極上!ヘルシー!わたしにご褒美スープ」宜しくお願いします♡ ちなみに、リアルタイムでみられなかった方…
NHK Eテレ 毎週水曜日AM11:30~
NHK 総合 毎週水曜日、AM10:15~

– Every week on Wednesday 21:30 ~ “Syumi doki! Kantan! Gokujou! Healthy! Watashi ni Gohoubi Soup” on NHK Educational TV.
Thank you in advance. ♡ By the way, for those who can’t see the real time broadcast, the rebroadcasts are:
NHK Educational TV – Every week on Wednesday 11:30 AM
NHK General TV – Every week on Wednesday 10:15 AM and on Thursday 10:15 AM.
Please be sure to watch it. ♡

– 2018年1月10日発売のアンダーアルバム、「僕だけの君~Under Super Best~」個別握手会が開催されます!
– 2018年1月14日(日):神奈川・パシフィコ横浜1~5部です☆
– 2018年2月17日(土):ポートメッセなごや1~5部です☆
– 2018年3月25日(日):京都国際会館
-【舞台版ドラえもん「のび太とアニマル惑星」】DVD 12月15日予約開始。1月13日発売です!!!
– 2017年12月28日~ミュージカル「恋するヴァンパイア」オフィシャルHPをご覧の皆様対象に、各公演チケット先行受付が実施されています。お申し込みは先着順、予定枚数に達し次第受付終了となるそうなので、お早めに宜しくお願い致します!!!(^.^) https://t.co/iVMMq20wca
– 2018年1月15日(月)発売「EX大衆」ももこ、たまみとです。

– 10th January release of Under album “Boku dake no Kimi ~Under Super Best~”
There will be individual handshake events!
– 14th January 2018 (Sunday): Kanagawa – Pacifico Yokohama, 1st to 5th round.☆
– 17th February 2018 (Saturday): Port Messe Nagoya, 1st to 5th round.☆
– 25th May 2018 (Sunday): Kyoto – Kyoto International Conference Center
⚠︎ Because I have a theater performance that day, I will only participate on the 5th round!
– The Doraemon “Nobita and the Animal Planet” stage play DVD pre-ordering starts on 15th December. It will be released on 13th January!!!
– On 28th December, the ticket preorder information for every performance of the musical “Koisuru Vampire, will be carried out as seen on the official homepage. Since it seems that applications are first come first serve, please be early!!! (^.^) https://t.co/iVMMq20wca
– 15th January 2018 (Monday) release of EX Taishu, with Momoko and Tamami.

[List of Birthdays]


Because I totalled the list yesterday, the Birthdays are up to the 4th of January… but I will congratulate the fans with Birthdays on the 5th of January in the next blog!



I hope that this will be a wonderful year for you…*


I wish you all a happy day tomorrow. (o^^o)♡