Hotoke no kao mo warau made – interview with Higuchi Hina

" I want to continue to do my best and convey the appeal of acting to everyone, even just a little."

Source: TV LIFE 01-31-2020


I laughed at my own sleeping face that was photographed by my sister!


Please tell me your impressions about this production.
The story’s progress is filled with all kinds of misunderstandings which I find to be interesting. The flyer labels it as a “roller coaster comedy”. It’s a performance full of momentum that won’t stop once it starts.


What role do you play?
I will play the only daughter of the protagonist played by Mr. Takuma Takayuki, who oversees a temple. As the heroin of a comedy, there is an element of laughter coming with my character as well. I am looking forward to it, since it is a bit different than the roles I have played until now.


In what way do you want to play?
I think the story has various moments that are funny. I think it’s interesting if my role gets dragged into that, so I want to play it naturally… rather than to be aware of the laughter.


Speaking of comedy, did you had to laugh about something recently?
The other day, my sister took a picture of my sleeping face. And I slept with my eyes and mouth open… I will never ever show that (laughs), but that picture made me laugh! And although all Nogizaka members are funny, especially Kazumin (Takayama Kazumi) and (Wada) Maaya have a great sense of humor, they make me laugh all day.


What is your ideal smile?
I love it when people smile with their whole heart, so I think the smiles of Kazumin and (Akimoto) Manatsu are wonderful. I am also healed by the smile from 4th gen member Seimiya Rei.


Please tell your ambition for the next 20 years!
Because I turn 22 this January, and because new generations enter Nogizaka at a steady pace, I want to become a unique presence!


What are your impressions of the newer generations?
There are many girls that came to see my stage plays, and who hold an interest in acting. Because I myself became interested in acting because of activities with Nogizaka, I would be happy if they felt the same way. I want to continue to do my best and convey the appeal of acting to everyone, even just a little.