Source: Girls Pop Antenna no. 96


Being the heroine of a unique slapstick comedy drama series for the first time!


Having received the heroine role for a drama series for the first time made me very happy. Although I have done many stage plays among the members of Nogizaka46, I was also worried because this is a drama, but everyone was very nice so these worries disappeared on the first day (laughs). I also met professional wrestlers and went to a match, and despite their strength, size and energy, they are very calm and lovely on the inside. People aren’t what they look like (laughs). Mutou Keiji, who plays the role of Nanase’s father Ryuuji, has an amazing aura, so at first I assumed he had an attitude. But when I talked to Mutou-san, he told me about his daughter who is about the same age as me, and I was touched by their parent-child bond. (Saiki) Reika, who plays the role of restaurant staff member Alice, is truly great as well, and we keep in touch nowadays.


In the drama, I tried to be natural and did my lines and expressions accordingly, and I believe all the performers carried me. Everyone, Including (Kato) Ryo-san, were funny. Every episode is so good that I ended up showing my laughter (bitter smile). Did they intentionally leave that in the production? They did! (laughs)


When you watch this drama, even though there are unpleasant things happening as well, it should somehow lighten your heart naturally before you go to sleep. It’s a comedy, but it’s also a human drama with tears. Watch it without thinking about anything and with a relaxed heart. Please pay attention to the changes in Nanase’s mind, and the relationship with Ryota-kun and her father.


I learned a lot from this drama, and it has a different kind of pleasure compared to stage work. I want to challenge it again. Since I entered Nogizaka46, I experienced Nogizaka46 and group stage plays and I realized “performing is fun. I might do it actively”, and widened my view. I want to continue acting forever. I want to work very hard to call myself a fully fledged actress one day.



Tell us about your energy source!

People who are supporting me. I entered Nogizaka46 8 years ago, and because I always hope to be in a more favorable position, I haven’t really been able to return the favor to my fans, but I want to respond to the voices of the supporting fans nevertheless. Therefore, I think my supporters are the main source of energy after all. Even though I have been on stage before, my co-stars tell me that “it’s wonderful to perform with a steady core”, so I want to take care of that core and broaden my range of performance.