B.L.T. July 2018 – Dream my home.

" When I was little, my mother told me “girls that clean the toilet will become beautiful”, just like in the song “toilet god”."

Source: B.L.T. July 2018 issue

Dream my home.


I wonder if I can do housework for someone someday, not for myself


For today’s photo shoot, I made yakisoba for the first time. But since it is not hard to do, I think it turned out delicious! I ended up eating lots of it (laughs). Because I am busy with work nowadays, I only make things that can be prepared in advance. I love finely chopped lotus root, namul, vegetable side dishes and caprese, and because I can put it in a plastic container and set it aside, I only make that kind of food. Vegetable soup as well, because I can take it with me to the job location.


Can I cook quickly without looking at anything, just like my mother? I want to become able to do so like her, and I am writing down seasonings in a notebook. Fried miso should be like this, salty-sweet like that, such things. By doing so, I think I soon will become able to do it without looking.


Because I love doing the dishes, folding washed clothes and cleaning as well, you can say I like to do house work. Because I don’t like it when the club room isn’t clean when I return from work, I get up early in the morning and clean. Certainly the restroom. It’s not good when it isn’t shiny. When I was little, my mother told me “girls that clean the toilet will become beautiful”, just like in the song “toilet god” (laughs).


At the moment, I can do the most chores for myself, but I wonder if I can also do it properly for someone in the future… I think about those things, but because I love house work, I dream that I will certainly be able to do it! Also, on a day off, while my mother is taking a bath, I will finish all the dishes. Because it makes my mother happy. I have to say “the dishes are done at last” myself when she doesn’t notice it, though (laughs).