Source: JJ Magazine July issue

Hina: When you heard of becoming a JJ model, what did you think?
Habu: I was very happy! Because I always wanted to be a model, it feels like I am at the starting point of that dream. How about you?
Hina: Because I was always reading JJ, I was surprised! I didn’t think the things I wanted to do and wanted to become would become reality, but I was truly happy!
Habu: Do you have things you want to challenge as a model?
Hina: From my point of view, JJ is a bit on the mature side, but I want to try and wear outfits that I can apply to my own lifestyle as well. I also want to do jobs with my senpais.
Habu: I am nervous about it, but I want to do a photo shoot with my senpais as well! It would be great if I can do a project in which I can take advantage of my body height, or a mixing and matching project.
Hina: They are fun to read, aren’t they! JJ is neither too mild or too risqué, and because I love that perfect balance, I want to study how to be fashionable while doing photo shoots. This time it was our second photo shoot, how did it go?
Habu: Compared to photo shoots as an idol, there are many times they ask you for a natural expression, so it felt as if I could meet a new me which was fun!
Hina: Certainly! Because the atmosphere was different than the usual idol setting, I was nervous, thinking “is this alright?”, but I enjoyed every shot! I watched the expressions and poses of the other models, and I think I have lots to study.
Habu: Same goes for me, I want to learn in order to look great from whichever angle I am being photographed.
Hina: As an idol and as a model, the environments will expand, but how are you going to keep approaching that?
Habu: In Keyakizaka46 there is coolness, with JJ I can express a woman like cuteness, and I want to show that difference. I want to let people know various kinds of Habu Mizuho!
Hina: I hope I can show a complete different look as well. I want to surprise a lot of people and “do every job with gratitude and sincerity” without losing that focus. I want my fans to know my face as a model, and those that know me as a JJ model to know my face as an idol, and it is my goal to constantly express myself in new ways!