A room in a sunny place 602

" This time.... I want to treasure the time I spend together with all Nogizaka members while creating a fantastic 20th single with everyone."

A room in a sunny place 602 * Hinachima
13th March 2018
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Good morning!


The weather is really nice today as well. *

青空に心が癒されますね(o^^o) 気持ちが良いです♪

The blue sky is healing my spirit. (o^^o) I feel good. ♪

先日ミュージカル「恋する♡ヴァンパイア 」東京公演3日間が終了しました!

Three days of performing the musical “Koisuru ♡ Vampire” in Tokyo have ended!


Everyone that went to the theater, thank you.


Thanks for the letters and presents as well. They are my treasures. ♡

次は広島公演、大阪… そしてまた東京凱旋公演(*^o^*)

Next up are the performances in Hiroshima, Osaka… and then a triumphant return again in Tokyo. (*^o^*)


I do each performance with care, and I want to have fun while making progress. ☆ Please continue to support me!

そして… 日曜日に放送された選抜発表。20thシングル選抜メンバーに選んで頂きました!!名前を呼ばれた瞬間、嬉しくて嬉しくて… 幸せで胸がいっぱいになりました。

Also… the senbatsu announcement on Sunday. I was chosen as a senbatsu member for the 20th single!! I was so happy the moment my name was called… I became filled with happiness.


From now on it is once again a new start. Being myself, I want to give my all and always aim for the highest. ☆


Without forgetting my original intention, I am grateful…


With everyone that is supporting me, I want to overcome various obstacles and I want to share even more joy! From now on, I want you to stay by my side. Please treat me well. m(._.)m


I love all of you.

今この時を… 乃木坂メンバー全員で共に過ごす時間を大切にしながら、20thシングル皆んなで素敵な作品にします。

This time…. I want to treasure the time I spend together with all Nogizaka members while creating a fantastic 20th single with everyone.

そして!そして!今季も!BSフジ『スーパーフォーミュラGO ON!』ナレーターを務めさせて頂くことになりました!

And! Also! This season as well! I have the pleasure to be the narrator for BS Fuji’s “Super Formula GO ON!”!

嬉しい(´;ω;`)♡ みなさん、ぜひみて下さい!放送日などはまた近くなったらお伝えします☆

I am happy! (´;ω;`)♡ Everyone, please make sure to watch it! I will tell about the broadcasting days etc. soon. ☆


The other day, Junna gave me lipstick. It’s an amazing color, it’s my favorite. ♡

毎日つけてる♡ 純奈みたいに… セクシーな唇になれるかな(*´-`)

I put it on every day. ♡ I wonder if I can have sexy lips like Junna… (*´-`)


Grinning (*´-`)




I hope it will be a wonderful year for you…。*゚’゚・.。.:*


I wish you all a happy day today. ♪