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5th December 2017
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Good evening. * Thank you for today!

寒さもひとしお身に染みる頃になりました* みなさん身体を温めて下さいね。

It has become penetrating cold. Everyone, please keep your body warm.

ひなは心も体もポカポカさせるために、お味噌汁かスープを、毎朝飲んでいるよ♡ あと、白湯!白湯は身体の中を起こすの。朝ごはんを食べる前にゆっくり飲む!

In order to keep both mind and body warm, I eat soup or miso soup every morning. ♡ Also, boiled water! Because boiled water flows through your body. I drink it slowly before breakfast!

明日21:30から、NHK Eテレで始まる、「趣味どきっ!簡単!極上!ヘルシー!わたしにご褒美スープ」放送スタートです。

Starting tomorrow 21:30, “Syumi doki! Kantan! Gokujou! Healthy! Watashi ni Gohoubi Soup” started broadcasting on NHK Educational TV.


Since becoming involved in that program, even in my private life, I thought to what extend there are words that express flavor, I tried to make breakfast and dinner and my interest in cooking increased!!!

今度ね、玉ねぎの皮や、セロリの下の部分… 人参の皮などのくず野菜から野菜出汁をとって、スープを作ってみようかなって思っているの(#^.^#)

This time, I am thinking about trying to make vegetable dashi from vegetable waste like onion skin, the bottom part of celery and the skin of ginseng to make soup. (#^.^#)


Because I will become 20 years old very soon, I have to become a fine lady who can cook!

番組では、スムーズな手さばきができなかったり、拙い部分が多々ありますが…(*_*) 毎回とても楽しくお勉強させて頂いています!

In the program, I am not able to handle things smoothly, and there are a lot of amateurish parts… (*_*) But every time I am studying with lots of enjoyment!

明日の21:30から!NHK Eテレ!(本日2回目の告知。笑) ぜひ観てください♡ 宜しくお願いします!

Starting tomorrow at 21:30. NHK Educational TV! (2nd announcement of the day. lol) Please be sure to watch it. ♡ Thank you in advance!

そしてそして… 昨晩は、有線大賞に出演しました!

And also… yesterday evening, we performed at Yusen Taisho!

18thシングル「インフルエンサー」にて、有線音楽優秀賞を頂きました。とても思い入れのあるこの曲を、素敵な場所で披露させてもらえて、とても幸せ… 感無量です。

For our 18th* single “Influencer”, we were nominated for the Music Excellence Award. I am very happy… and filled with emotion that we were able to perform this song that holds good memories at this fantastic place.

[* She means the 17th single of course ^^. -Ed.]


Everyone that always supports us, thank you very much.


From now on I will continue to devote myself!!!

ちょこっと裏話… 最近ね、インフルエンサーを披露する時、私物のイヤリングをしているんだよ♪

A little inside story… the last time we performed Influencer, I was wearing my personal earrings. ♪


↑ These!!! Because the earrings from the costume broke, I thought “hurry up!”… they fitted nicely. ♡

「インフルエンサー」ダンスも歌も、衣装も!全て大好き☆ これからも大切にパフォーマンスします*

Influencer’s dance, as well as the song and the costume, I love them all! ☆ I will to continue to perform it with great care. *


To my fans. (o^^o)

– 12月6日21:30~ NHK Eテレ 「趣味どきっ!簡単!極上!ヘルシー!わたしにご褒美スープ」

– 6th December 21:30~ NHK Educational TV “Syumi doki! Kantan! Gokujou! Healthy! Watashi ni Gohoubi Soup”

– 2018年1月10日発売のアンダーアルバム
– 2018年1月14日(日):神奈川・パシフィコ横浜
– 2018年2月17日(土):ポートメッセなごや

– On 10th January 2018 is the Under Album release. There will be individual handshake events!
– 14th January 2018 (Sunday): Kanagawa – Pacifico Yokohama
1st to 5th round.☆
– 17th February 2018 (Saturday): Port Messe Nagoya
⚠︎ Because I have a theater performance that day, I will only participate on the 5th round!


– 9th December release “BOMB” together with Minami and Yuttan.
– 15th December release “EX Taishu” individual.

[List of Birthdays]



I hope that this will be a wonderful year for you…*


I wish you all a happy day tomorrow. ☆