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1st November 2017

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Good morning. * A cold wind is blowing, and it feels like a visit of winter.

みなさんいかがお過ごしですか?ひなは珍しく… 体調を崩してしまったよ(´;ω;`) でも、徐々に回復してきております!

How is everyone doing? I became ill… which is unusual for me. (´;ω;`) But, little by little I am recovering!


Everyone please be careful too.


Because it has been a while since the last update, there have been many happenings I’ll tell about.


First, the Seven Eleven Event held on the 22nd of October!


With Miona and Ranze ♪


Everyone that came that day despite the bad weather because of typhoon number 21, thank you very much.


We were divided to be in charge of the register and the entrance, and I was at the entrance with Yuttan and Maichun saying “Irasshaimase~”. * (^-^)

[* The word Irasshaimase is used in retail establishments to welcome the customer – Ed.]


It was only for a short time, but because it was a very different event than usual, it felt fresh and it was very enjoying. *


I love the Seven Eleven’s oden *. ♡
[ *Oden is a Japanese stew made with fish cakes, konnyaku, eggs, and daikon simmered in dashi. -Ed. ]


And on the 23rd of October was the release of Up To Boy.


Off-shots taken by the manager! I had the pleasure of having an adult-like shoot. *


During the interview, lots of thoughts came up, and it seems I talked too passionate with the staff… (*^▽^*) lol


But I could talk with honesty.

そしてそして… こちらは、10月27日発売されたFLASHスペシャルさん

And also… these are from FLASH Special released on the 27th of October.


I was advised “It’s okay not to force an expression”, and had a casual expression and my true smile photographed.


The kind cameraman, stylist and makeup artist… I had many great meetings!

最近、1人でお仕事させて頂くことが増えてきました。一つ一つのお仕事で出会ったスタッフさん方とまたご一緒させて頂けるよう、ひなこれからも頑張るぞ~ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ と、更に感じるようになりました。毎日が充実していて、とても楽しいです。

Lately, the jobs I do alone have increased. In order to work with the staff at each job again, I will do my best ~ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I once again began to feel that.


Jobs with a group, individual jobs, each one is very important to me, and I want to do it every day. ☆


Also! Next is! Nogiten 2, broadcasted on the 27th of October.

「ひなの理想の休日」ということで… 巣鴨での食べ歩きツアーをしました♡

It was about “Hina’s Dream Holiday”… we did an eating tour in Sugamo. ♡

初めての巣鴨♡ ずっと行ってみたかった場所(o^^o) 美味しいものも沢山食べられて、少し大変な場面もありましたが…笑

It was my first time in Sugamo. ♡ It is a place I always wanted to go to. (o^^o) We could also eat a lot of delicious things, and there also a few great scenes… lol


It was very enjoyable!!

ちーちゃんの面白さ、じゅんなの的確なツッコミ、かりんちゃんの安心感、みんなに頼りきりのツアーでしたが…( ´-` ) またみんなで、違う場所にも行ってみたいです♡

Chiichan’s interest, Junna’s accurate remarks, Karinchan’s sense of security, it was a tour where we depended on each other…( ´-` ) I want to go to other places with everyone again. ♡

一つ心残りは、巣鴨の商店街でお団子・大福を食べたかったなぁということ(´;ω;`) 今度、再チャレンジしてきます!笑

The only regrettble thing is that I wanted to eat dumplings and daifuku in Sugamo’s shopping street.  (´;ω;`) Next time, I will try again! lol

10月28日は横浜個別握手会でした☆ 来て下さったみなさん、ありがとうございました! 風邪をひいてしまい、声が全く出ていなくてすみません(´;ω;`)

On 28th October was the individual handshake event in Yokohama. ☆ Everyone that came, thank you very much! I apologize for catching a cold and losing my voice completely. (´;ω;`)


But the things said to me, such as “don’t force yourself”, “are you alright?”, “you don’t have to talk much” and “I’ll give you power!” made everyone’s kindness penetrate my heart. Thank you truly.

その後みなさん大丈夫だったかなぁ?ひなの風邪がみなさんにうつってしまっていないか、すごく心配です(´;ω;`) みなさん、手洗い・うがいしっかりしておいてね(´;ω;`)

After that, was everyone alright? I am very worried I infected everyone with my cold. (´;ω;`) Everyone, wash your hands and rinse your mouth properly. (´;ω;`)


My health got better little by little! I only have to wait for my voice to come back!!


Everyone that I received flowers from, thank you very much. *

来られなかったみなさんへ… 今回の握手会はハロウィン前ということで、1部はグリフィンドールカラー?のニットに、丸メガネでハリーポッター風(^^)笑 2部は巻き髪でハーマイオニー風?笑 3部は猫耳に、黒ハイネックニットで黒猫!でしたよん♪

To everyone that couldn’t come… Because this handshake event took place before Halloween, I wore a Gryffindor colored sweater during the 1st round, with Harry Potter style round glasses. (^^)lol The 2nd round I had curly hair in Hermione style. lol The 3rd round, I wore cat ears and a black turtleneck sweater, so I was a black cat! ♪


All five rounds I wanted to change my hair style, but because I went to lie down during the pauses in order to recover my health, I stayed a black cat with a pony tail from the 3rd round. (´;ω;`)


The next handshake event is the individual handshake event in Kyoto on the 4th of November! In order to be in healthy shape next handshake event, I will have to manage my condition properly. (`・ω・´)

来て下さるみなさん、お気をつけてお越しください♪ 待っています!!!

Everyone that comes, please take care. ♪ I’ll be waiting!!!


To my fans ☆

  • 舞台『のび太とアニマル惑星』DVD化決定しました!!!詳細はこちらから↓ thirdstage.com/doraemon2017/
  • 11月17日発売「無責任ギャラクシー☆タイラー」Blu-ray&DVD 全12話に加え、映像特典に未放送1話+ノンクレジットED+PV+番宣SPも収録されています!
  • そして、福岡ライブでアンダーアルバムの発売が発表されました。1月10日です(*‘ω’*)
  • The “Nobita and the Animal Planet” stage play gets a DVD release!!! Details can be found here: thirdstage.com/doraemon2017/
  • 17th November release “The irresponsible Galaxy ☆ Tylor” on Blu-ray and DVD. It contains all 12 episodes, and also a compilation of a special unreleased episode + uncredited ending song + promotional video + TV promo!
  • And, during the Under Live in Fukuoka, the release date of the Under album was announced. It is on the 10th of January. (*’ω’*)


Thank you in advance!

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I hope that this will be a wonderful year for you…*


I wish you all a happy day today. (o^^o)