A room in a sunny place 586

" When I was little, I really looked forward to Christmas and receiving presents… I was thrilled months in advance. ( ´ ▽ ` ) lol When I look at how the streets look during Christmas, even now I get excited. ☆"

A room in a sunny place 586 * Hinachima

11th November 2017
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Good evening. * Thank you for today!


The sunlight was pleasant, and it was a very happy day. ☆


While walking outside, I looked through the window of the general store and saw a lot of Christmas goods! Is it already that season? Time sure flies by, so I realized.

小さい頃は、プレゼントがもらえるクリスマスが楽しみで楽しみで…何ヶ月も前からワクワクしていたなぁ( ´ ▽ ` )笑

When I was little, I really looked forward to Christmas and receiving presents… I was thrilled months in advance. ( ´ ▽ ` ) lol


When I look at how the streets look during Christmas, even now I get excited. ☆


In order to think of 2017 as a fantastic year, I still have to give my all!!! o(^▽^)o


Everyone that came to Tokyo Dome, thank you very much.


Tokyo Dome was one of the set goals of Nogizaka46. When I entered the stage, I was trembling with an indescribable emotion.


“I am glad I worked hard without giving up for 6 years”, I thought at that moment. It was a moment and place I won’t ever forget in my life. I was happy.


I am full of gratitude to everyone that supported us, everyone of the supporting staff, and the members of Nogizaka46, including the members that graduated.


Happy things, sad things, regrettable things, encounters and departures…
Until now, many things happened, but I became very emotional when I thought that everything came together at that moment.


I wonder what will become of Nogizaka after this. After all, I want it to grow into a strong group. I want to deliver smiles and energy to many people. And I want to return the favor to all the people supporting us even more.


Experiencing these feelings for 2 days, both as a group and as an individual, I want to work hard to make a fresh start.


A photo taken with Shitara-san and Himura-san.


This day was the last day I stood on the stage with Himetan and Marika.

もう家族のような存在だから、グループを旅立っていくのは寂しいけれど、心はいつも同じというか… だから、2人を明るく応援したい!笑顔で送りたい!そう思いました。

Because they are like family, them leaving the group feels lonely, but in my heart they’ll always be the same. Therefore, I want to support them both cheerfully! I want to send them smiles! That’s what I thought.

まりか、ひめたん、お疲れ様でした!!!これからも変わらず、仲良くしてね♡ 大好きです。

Marika, Himetan, thank you for your hard work!!! From now on, let’s continue to get along. ♡ I love you.

ドーム2日目、余韻の残る中ライブ最終のお辞儀を終え顔を上げると… 目の前にこんな素敵な光景が広がっていました。

On the second day, when the final notes faded out and we raised our heads after the last bow, there was this wonderful scene stretched out before our eyes.


↑ Photos taken by the staff!


I was moved to tears. Thank you very much. (;ω;)


All people that came to the live shows in Tokyo Dome, all people that couldn’t come but sent their yells, all Nogizaka fans, thank you truly! Your existence is our driving force. I love you (;ω;) !

そして…日奈カラーのサイリウム、名前が書いてあるタオルや団扇、ありがとうございました!!!嬉しかったです(;ω;) ステージの上からいっぱい探していました♡

And… for the glow sticks with my colors, and the towels and fans with my name written on it, thank you very much!!! It made me happy. (;ω;) I looked for them a lot from the stage. ♡

大きなライブを終えましたが、次の日からお仕事でした♪ しばらくドームライブの余韻に浸りながら…( ´ ▽ ` )笑

A big live event was just finished, but I had work starting the next day. ♪ Still feeling the live shows lingering… ( ´ ▽ ` ) lol


Lately, solo work has been increasing, and every day has been very productive.


I learn a lot each day, and I gain a lot of excitement from it.


In order to absorb and grow rapidly, I think I need to keep an antenna all the time…




Everyone that supports me, as always thank you very much. Because I will work hard to see even more lovely scenes with everyone, please continue to support me!

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素敵な一年になりますように(^ ^)

I hope that this will be a wonderful year for you. (^ ^)


I wish you all a happy day tomorrow. ☆


Good night.