Source: BOMB! October Edition


I’d like to travel alone, riding a slow train.

「お姉さんメンバーに聞くと ”早く大人になりたいなんて思わなくていいよ” って言われるんです。でも、私は早く誕生日が来てほしいなぁ~て思います。グラビアで大人っぽい衣装にも挑戦してみたいし、もっと大人な表情や魅力を見せられるようになりたくて」

– Higuchi-san, who became a member of Nogizaka46 at the age of 13, you will also reach the age of 20 next year, isn’t it?
When I listen to the older members, I hear them say “It’s okay not to think about things such as wanting to become an adult quickly”. But I want my Birthday to come quick. I want to challenge adult-like clothing by doing gravure, and I want to show a more adult facial expression and charm.


– This gravure was also quite adult-like, right? (laughs)
But, because I was always told I was a young member, inside I remain young until this very day. In my family, as the youngest of three sisters, I always ended up relying on others as well. Therefore, although I have no plans at the moment, I want to live by myself, in order to become able to do everything by myself.


– You’d also like to travel alone?
That’s right. Basically, I like to do things alone, but because I haven’t been to faraway places yet, I’d like to travel on a slow train. There seems to be a Higuchi Station on Saitama’s Chichibu Railway, and I want to go there by myself and ask a station staff member to take a picture! After that, since there’s also a Higuchi Station in Ibaraki prefecture, I want to go there as well (laughs).


– Nowadays, you are also active with stage work aren’t you?
Stage work is very enjoyable. Or perhaps I should say it makes me feel lively. Because the people I perform with also said to me “when you gain experience, you will make more progress”, I want to play many various roles.  


– Do you also talk about work with your sister?
Yes, I do. My sister appears in the movie “Asahinagu”, but it appears our way of talking and gestures resemble, so Ikuchan (Ikuta Erika) was surprised (laughs). This time we weren’t performing together, but in order to be able to perform together one day, we said “Let’s encourage each other”. I am also heading toward my 20th Birthday, and I want to improve on my work, and work hard so that various people can learn about it.