TV LIFE August 2019 no. 2 – Higuchi Hina interview

" When you watch this drama, you definitely want to eat yakiniku!"

Source: TV LIFE August 2019 no. 2


The drama has an interesting title.
“It’s a delicious sounding title”, people say to me often (laughs). Within Nogizaka46, there were even some members that thought I was going to become a pro wrestler!


That seems interesting as well!
That would be totally impossible for me~ (laughs).


You are playing a heroine role this time, right?
Nanase-chan is a character that possesses a practical side. She is a heroine, but rather than being cute, I think she’s a girl with a lively charm.  


How was the atmosphere on the set?
The first shooting was a scene with Ryota-kun (Kato Ryo). It was the first time I performed together with Kato-san, but to be honest, I have seen him in the city by chance about three times…


That’s a miracle (laughs).
It’s great isn’t it! Because of that, I wonder if our first meeting was really our first meeting (laughs). Ryo-san is a kind person as well, so I was able to perform without being nervous.


What is your impression of pro wrestler Mutou Keiji, who plays the role of Ryuuji, Nanase’s father?
Because he is such a personality, I wondered if the atmosphere on the set would be tense. But he is also a kind and sweet person. He brought serenity to the set.


The drama takes place in a yakiniku restaurant, but do you usually eat yakiniku?
I love tongue and skirt steak. The other day, I went to eat yakiniku by myself for the first time. I didn’t know how to ask for things a lot of times, but I was somehow able to do it because I asked everything to the staff! After eating, they asked me “you are Miss Higuchi aren’t you?”, which immediately embarrassed me… (laughs). When you watch this drama, you definitely want to eat yakiniku!


Lastly, the highlight of the drama!
I think it’s a drama that you can watch without much effort, in a good way. I would make me happy if you can laugh to Ryo-san’s comical performance, and enjoy my natural reaction to that as well.