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乃木坂46 樋口日奈、カメラマンとしての才能開花? 齋藤飛鳥や西野七瀬の写真が次々『乃木撮』に

Talent as a photographer? Pictures of Saito Asuka and Nishino Nanase from “Nogisatsu”, one after another.


The members of Nogizaka46 do a daily live broadcast of the “Nogiobi” show on the broadcasting service “SHOWROOM”, every week from Monday to Friday. On the broadcast of 15th August, 1st gen member Higuchi Hina made her appearance.

番組冒頭「今日は夏だから、夏っぽい格好にしました! 」と言って、白地にカラフルなハート柄が散らばる甚平&ポニーテールという出で立ちで登場した樋口。

At the beginning of the program, she said “because today is summer, I have a summerish appearance”, and she appeared wearing a white jinbei with colorful hearts scattered on it and her hair in a ponytail.

まずは、毎回恒例となっている宿題のコーナーから。前回の配信を担当した3期生の梅澤美波が樋口に課した宿題は「好きな男の子と2人で夏祭りに行って、そこで告白! 」というものだった。この宿題を受けて樋口は「も~、梅ちゃんったら~! どうしよ~? 日奈これ一人でするの?」と困惑しつつも、カメラに向かって囁くように「ねぇ、ねぇ。大好きなんだけど、今日のお祭り、手繋いじゃダメ……?」と告白。終わった途端に「ハイ! 終わり~! 恥ずかし~! 大丈夫だった? 顔真赤! ポッポしちゃう……」と照れながら「でも、日奈の夢は、彼の地元の夏祭りに2人で浴衣着て行って、彼のお友だちに『これ俺の彼女』って言われるのが、日奈の憧れなの……この『俺の彼女』ってフレーズが、なんかキュンとするなと思って」と願望を口にした。

First, there was the customary homework corner. The homework that 3rd gen member Umezawa Minami imposed on Miss Higuchi during the broadcast the day before was “Confess as if you are going to a summer festival with the guy you like!”. Bewildered upon receiving her homework, Miss Higuchi reacted “Come on, Ume-chan! What should I do? Am I doing this alone?”, after which she faced the camera and whispered “Hey… I like you a lot, but is it ok to hold your hand on the festival……?” and continued shily with her desire; “But my dream is to go to a summer festival in the guys home area wearing a yukata, and he tells his friends that I am his girlfriend, it’s what I long for… somehow the phrase “my girlfriend” gives me butterflies”.


After that, she talks about “Nogizaka46 photobook nogisatsu vol.01”, the Nogizaka46 member offshot photobook that recently exceeded 300.000 copies. “Nice isn’t it, I did a lot as a photographer!”, she said and introduced her ‘top 3 favorite photos’. On the 3rd place is photo number 456, of 3rd gen member Ozono Momoko sitting in a cardboard box, on which she commented “I love the innocent feeling”. 2nd place is photo number 175, of 1st gen member Nishino Nanase carrying an umbrella. “I also love the natural feeling of this one. When facing the camera, Naachan does a lot of things. Macchun (1st gen Matsumura Sayuri) also reacts instantly. Misa (1st gen Eto Misa) always says “I want to do something interesting, so please wait” and has many ideas”, Hina says. The 1st place goes to photo number 111*, a solo shot of 1st gen member Saito Asuka of which she says “she makes great use of her small face”.

[* Should be 211. -Ed.]


On the final part of the program, one competes with each member of that week for the ‘Nogiobi championship’. This weeks contest is the ‘100 question knock’, a contest to see how many viewers questions can be answered within 60 seconds.

樋口は「白と黒どっちが好き」⇒「白が好き!」、「好きな食べ物は?」⇒「トマト!」、「今行きたい場所は?」⇒「沖縄!」、「好きなお肉は?」⇒「タン!」、「寝る前のルーティンは?」⇒「筋トレすること!」など、テンポよく答えていき、結果は、前日までトップだった梅澤美波の「24」を抜く「26」。「やったー! 今一番だ、日奈!」と喜びを露わにした。

“Black or white, which one do you like?” => “I love white!”
“What’s your favorite food?” => “Tomato!”
“Where do you want to go to today?” => “Okinawa!”
“What’s your favorite meat?” => “Tongue!”
“What is your routine before sleeping?” => “Muscle training!”
She answered 26 questions like these with a high tempo, and as a result she surpassed Umezawa Minami ‘s 24 questions the day before. “I did it! I am number one!”, she rejoiced.

番組ラストには、木曜日出演予定のメンバー・2期生の新内眞衣への宿題を決めることになり、「お姉さんっぽく告白!(色っぽく??)」「妹ちゃんっぽく告白!(かわいらしく??)」という2パターンをフリップボードに記載し、文末に保険として「怒らないでね まいちゃん好きよ~」と書き添え、本日配信の新内へ託した。

Lastly, she decided on a homework assignment for 2nd gen member Shinuchi Mai, who is scheduled to appear on Thursday, for which she writes “Older sister-like confession! (sexy??)” and “Younger sister-like confession (lovely??) “ on the flipboard to which she adds “Don’t be angry Maichun, I love you~”, and with that she entrust today’s broadcast to Shinuchi.