“Kizuitara Kataomoi” gravure feature April 2014

" I would be happy if the pictures make the hearts of the people that see them skip a beat."


“Kizuitara Kataomoi” gravure feature
Higuchi Hina

Original: https://natalie.mu/music/pp/nogizaka46gravure03/page/7



– What are your thoughts on today’s photo shoot?

It’s the first time I participated in a photo shoot on Natalie, and because there was a different atmosphere than I am used to, my hair was all messy, and my costume was something I don’t wear usually, I had lots of fun!



– Compared to the usual Miss Higuchi, you showed a rather adult like vibe didn’t you?

Today I tried to challenge myself a bit. Hihihi (laughs).



– Did you see the gravure of the other members?

I did. Everyone’s aura is totally different than usual, and when I saw their adult like photos, I thought “Wow, I also want such photos to be taken of me”. Therefore, I am really happy for today. But before the photo shoot, I was a bit nervous about the kind of photos they were going to take of me (laughs).



– During today’s photo shoot, what situation did you especially like?

I wonder which one…… actually I liked all of it. Because I had some natural expressions captured today as well, there are also some “off smiles”, and shots of me in angles I have never been photographed before, such as lying down, which also showed a different side of me. I would be happy if the pictures make the hearts of the people that see them skip a beat (laughs).



– This time is the first time you entered Senbatsu, but do you remember the time your name was called?

My face became completely pale. I was overwhelmed with happiness, but because I also thought about combining it with school and not be able to give it my all, I fired myself up. The difference with the other members was big as well, so I was worried if I could compensate for that.



– I see. What are the things you want to achieve as a Senbatsu member?

At the moment I am appearing in a stage play (link: Inoue & Higuchi from Nogizaka46 are selected as heroins for a manga adaptation stage play), but I would be happy if the number of acting jobs increased. I think being in Senbatsu and having theater work this time is an opportunity, so I want to do it well.